The Road to Rhinebeck is Paved with.. Sharp Stuff!

We set out a little later than expected for our annual visit up to New York state, and NY Sheep and Wool in Rhinebeck. Things were going pretty  well until I heard a weird sound while passing through a construction zone. Then things felt weird. I knew something was wrong. We pulled over as soon as we could and yep.. a FLAT tire! We were about a mile from the next exit so we slowly made our way there where we found a gas station with a nice roof above our heads to keep out of the rain…

And set to work..

iPhone2012 005 


Got the flat one off.. and tried..




iPhone2012 006

To get the spare tire out from under the van. Took quite a while and Jaxom got in on the action there! We got it off!

Got it on!

And got on our way!!

Rhinebeck or BUST!!!

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