The notions at Rhinebeck or the rest of the haul!

There were a few small things I needed to replace, and at least one goodie I likes and got.. There were also a few things I didn’t get because the vendors were out! But I plan to get them!

Along with the yarn from Briar Rose I got a great button.

I plan to pull a Kohler of knitting and ‘knit a sweater around this button!’ Which is kinda funny because as I was looking through them someone in the booth said.. ‘What would you buy a button then knit a sweater around it?’ I giggled.

Then a little sheep measuring tape and a needle gauge to replace mine.

I got those from the Carodan Farm booth. Nice people! You will remember my vintage wrap was made from their worsted yarn! They were delighted to see that I was wearing their yarn! (oooh looks like they are having a knitting retreat!)

An Addi needle so I can actually make the Morehouse Merino Fiddlehead scarf that I bought a kit for last year. And just how do I ask could I resist those Lobster Mitts? OI! I think they might just be my travel knitting when I head to Vegas next week!

I wanted to get some snap closures for a little quick knit bag but the vendor had run out of them so I am working on getting them by email!

Azia got some more needle felting supplies, she always manages to get me to spend some money on her!

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