And Now for the Rest of the week’s events!

It seems like this week has been filled with nothing but bad news…but other things happened this week.. good things! I was woken up by the sound of a hot air balloon this morning.. that was kinda neat..

I did some fun knitting..


The heart hat from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop book. It’s turned out a little smaller than I wanted.. but hey the point was to try it out and have fun! Had to have a little knit in public project..

We have our yard back!

Almost..the grass has to grow in, and I need to get out there and put my Hosta’s back in the ground, and get some landscaping fabric down on some parts so they don’t wash away.

And I finally got my wedding ring resized!!!


It’s only been about 8 years since I have been able to wear my wedding ring.. so hey I think it’s about time! Don’t you?

I got to ‘read’ a book! The Friday Night Knitting Club. I highly recommend it, to not just knitters.. but knitters will especially appreciate it. I loved it, I hated it and in the end I give it two thumbs up!

Not much else.. mostly work knitting, and I am making progress on that front which means.. it will end!!! WOO HOOO!!!
I really don’t begrudge work.. it’s just taking all my time and focus, and being the ADD knitter that I am there is always something pretty shiney that I want to try! SO I have to buckle down, finish this and then I can move on to some fun! (not that this isn’t fun.. it is.. really..)

*imagine photos of these lovely objects here.. as it seems my camera is not working again this morning! I’ll try to get the pictures to add to the post later!!

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