The Yarn at Rhinebeck..

Yep you all just come here for the yarn.. I know… So here is my haul from Rhinebeck.

Some Tahki Creole out of a few bib boxes of ‘vintage’ yarn. I intended to make myself a Luxe tunic with this..

 Tahki Creole Yarn


  1. I don’t know if it is enough yarn
  2. It is bulky rather than worsted so I may need to do some math!!

We will see it might become another sweater that I can wear against my skin!! Like Tubey!!

Now we come to the obligatory Briar Rose purchase.. I keep buying their yarn, and knitting with it.. ripping it out and then setting it aside.. not that I don’t like it. I just need to find the perfect project I think.. But I love it!!

Briar Rose Yarn

I saved the best for last.. Please.. just don’t tell my husband how much I spent on this little gem. 


I decided it was time for me to get myself some luxury yarn! I am also hoping that it will be all it is supposed to be:

  • very warm
  • very light
  • hypoallergenic

With emphasis on the last point!!

Next up the notions, and Azia’s haul of course!!