Many a knitter braves the wilds of the craft store or little yarn shop on a daily weekly basis. They are a rare breed of hunter..they stalk the aisles in search of just the right prey. Knitters are among the most interactive with their quarry.. they are often seen touching the yarn, picking it up, sometimes rubbing it against their cheek or even smelling it. Just click here to read eye witness reports from the field, if you think I am out of my mind!

They search and search til they find just the right prize and then pounce upon it with their weapon of choice… the credit card!

It is after the hunt where many knitters stand out as the most unusual of hunters. Some do take their prizes home and display them for all to see, or use them to provide warm garments for their families and friends. While others clandestinely hind their prizes away in various secret spaces in their homes. No nook and cranny is safe from the stashing knitter..

This all is true of knitting books as well. The knitter will seek out and stash these as well.. though I am sure they will not rub them on various parts of their bodies.. or at least I hope not.

To this end I send you on a safari of your own. The prey:



to the first hunter to find this prey in the wild and send me a photo of it.. in the wild.. a prize. You know you will be at the store anyway… so why not get something out of it!!? I will find something in my own personal collection to suit the winner.

Who’s game? Just email me with the photo when you see it.

If there are those of you who are unable to take a photo simply email me!!

Happy Hunting!

3 thoughts on “Safari..

  1. Hey CONGRATS!!! WAy to go!!!!! I hope your family is proud! I hope we can get together when I’m out in OH this summer were planning on moving there someday around Vermilion area I guess. Depends on DH Job thing. I checked out book store locally and so far only seen it online? Sorry ;o( How would I get an autographed copy now?? ;o)) I’ve seen the looms at Michaels but no book?

  2. I don’t know how I managed to lose your blog but I did. It’s okay though because I’ve now permanently bookmarked it. Good luck with the book. You know, you really should join the Ohio knitters ring.


  3. I found it! Out on Safari today, I was in the local ACMoore and I found the treasure! The book was right there on it’s own little shelf! Pictures wll be given to Denise for everyone to see!

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