It’s B day!!


You thought I was going to say it’s book day!! Well, I’m not. At least not yet!

If you had told me ten years ago I was going to release a book about knitting looms I would have said huh? And what’s a knitting loom. Then I would have scowled at you and told you to get out.. I mean why would you be bothering a woman in labor by playing fortune teller??? Why?? GO on .. get..

Yes, ten years ago I was in labor! I was pushing out this guy..



I can’t believe he is ten! AHHHHHH…. That means I’m… well we so won’t discuss that now will we?


Happy Birthday big guy… you are sooo not allowed to turn 11!!!

Now the other “b” of the day. That could be  for BAD!! At least it set off to a bad start! It started with the two little guys fighting over which waffle belonged to whom..It was pretty ugly. Brian tried to help but Jules was still crying up a storm after he left.

Today was the first day of state testing for school, so once they were all calmed down from the waffle incident I was able to get everyone dressed and out the door in good time. I was upstairs searching in vane for my coat and keys, while thi kids were outside supoosedly getting into the van and getting buckled. They were yelling something to me. The van was locked.. great.. hole on while I find my keys and we will get going! I couldn’t find my coat and keys. I went down looked into the van and I will bet you can guess what was in there.. My coat. Safe and secure with the keys in it! GRRRRR I frantically called Brian and he came home with his keys and rescued us! It’s sooo good that he works only five miles away!

 We got down there on time and everything went pretty well exept when Caleb almost got the Fire Alarm pull.. OI! That child it too tall for his own good!

Ok.. The third ‘B” is the book!! It is out! And SAM has it in his hands over there at the Decor Accents workshop!!! I don’t even have my copy yet!! I told you I was the lowly author!! Oh SAAAAMMMMM!!! Send me one too!!

2 thoughts on “It’s B day!!

  1. Your day is just tooo fun. Little tyke pulling the fire alarm that would have been a classic moment 🙂

    Happy Birthday :). Feliz Cumpleanos. 10 years, wow.

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