Wherein I Drive a ‘Motorcycle’ and Have Nothing to Show for It!

Well on Saturday I did something for the first time.. bet you can’t guess what it is?! .. oh yeah.. you read the title.

I got to drive a little motorcycle all by myself! It was one that most would consider a moped.. but it’s at the level that the state of Ohio considers a motorcycle.. so don’t tell cause I don’t even have my permit!

My father in law came over and helped us get it running. He gave it to use after all.. and then after a few trial runs by the guys, I took a turn.

I took a few spins around the block, and even stopped on at uphill intersection and didn’t stall it or crash it so I think I did pretty well!

Once we get a proper cargo basket for it, I think it will make a great little run around town vehicle! I might even brave going into the next town with it the back way.. but we’ll see.. after all it tops out at like 30 MPH!

It’s a good introductory bike for me any way.. and perhaps this will shame my friend into actually moving my real motorcycle up in his repair queue!

We’ll see!

Chow for now! Tune in tomorrow for a pile of hats!

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