Welcome to my knitting without needles blog!

Well Here I am trying to start this blog!! I had it started and then I killed it! Then my dear husband fixed it for me so here we go!

I am writing this blog to promote knitting without needles.. the art of using knitting boards and looms to create knit garments and items.
I started knitting with knitting boards and looms nearly a year ago when my husband handed me $300 in mad money! Well a year later I have a hobby that I wouldn’t trade for anything! The money was well spent!

I have made many items, scarves, dishclothes, socks, bags, hats, ponchos etc..
I am now getting ready to cast on the second half of my first sweater!
I have also creating a pattern for a knitting board.
I’m keeping it top secret for now, but I might give you a peek if you are good!!

So exciting things are happening!!
I’ll fill you in as we go along!
Any comments or questions are welcome! I’ll probably have some questions for all those knitters out there.. and loomers~!


3 responses to “Welcome to my knitting without needles blog!”

  1. Isela Avatar

    I wanna see the board :grin:…I been good promise.


  2. Denise Avatar

    Nope..not yet!! Got to get the AJAL first till you all even get a sneak peek!!

  3. Becky Avatar

    Way to go! I think you are our first blogger! Love it. Want more pictures of your sweater!:lol:

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