Allison in OH has got it!!:mrgreen:
I am designing a sweater (it was supposed to be a summer sweater but I couldn’t find a cotton blend yarn) so Isela can put the pattern on her site!! It will be a nice simple first sweater that can be made on a 30″ AJAL knitting loom! I bought 5 balls of Plymouth Encore Colorspun which is 25% wool and 75% acrylic. It is a worsted weight yarn and each ball has 200 yards. The pattern I am generally basing it on calls for 990 yards of a worsted weight yarn.. so this should be enough.. if not I know where to get more!
I am hoping to get a really interesting patterning out of this yarn.

So the pattern goes to Allison. I think I still have your address here! If not I will let you know!

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