It’s mine all mine!

I got a package from my secret pal! (yippeee she’s still out there!)
Here is the loot!

Scarf style is all mine!
Now some day I will make that color on color scarf .. really I will.. really..
I will I mean it.. I just need to find the yarn..
and the time..
and more time..

And here is a first in knitblogger land.. at least as far as I have seen..

yes.. all the chocolate is in there.

(not for long)

It was clearly an October package because there were some cute Halloween stickers for my kids in there.. Julian likes them! ANd Caleb tried to eat the pumpkin scented candle! eek!

Thanks pal! I do wish I knew what delayed it this time and if there is anything I can do to help! (you know besides babysitting.. the commute would be a little tough) :mrgreen:
oops see half the chocolates are gone.. 😯

2 thoughts on “It’s mine all mine!

  1. wow i have missed a lot! that is a cute picture of daughter teaching daddy something new 🙂 i love the PLATE of that CAR!!!! too cool! You have a great secret pal, love the chocolates, i am guessing they didn’t last to long after that picture right?

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