Not much, you?

Well, not too much going on around here today. I was hoping for this to be the release day for my new hat pattern but it is going to be delayed a little!
Still ironing out a few minor details, I want to work up a second sample myself and I have a secret test knitter doing something a little different with the design!

So I think Wednesday is a good alternative. Just in time for you all to hit the big yarn store sales and get yarn!!!

Hey speaking of which. I will have a few Joann’s coupons languishing here. I am not going to be using them so if you want em give me a shout out!

Anyway.. not much to say today! How about you?

1 thought on “Not much, you?

  1. Denise,

    Not much here, either. Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Today’s Lion’s Brand newsletter featured what they call the ripple knit stitch. My little history searches suggest the pattern was done as far back as the late 1800s in Great Britain. It’s also called Ole Shale or Feather and Fan. It’s very pretty.

    Love lace knitting but frustrated the devil out of me til I learned to use markers as well a row counter to indicate the pattern repeats — DUH! Have a scarf nearly finished using this pattern. Great way to learn new stitches and have a nice example of old patterns when I’m doing my demonstrations.

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