The Cat Bordhi Effect

I was just about to destash all of my sock yarn. Really I was.. I am just not into those tiny needles and the tiny yarn and all that. Then something happened.. maybe it was the weather maybe it was a lapse in judgement, but no really it was something I like to call the  Cat Bordhi Effect.

You see so far in my knitting life I have knit exactly three pairs of socks. One on the looms for my book, and two from Cat’s book Socks Soar on Two needles. I have knit up single socks on the sock looms, partial socks on the sock looms but never ever a whole pair. I was ready to swear off socks all together, just ask Isela.. I told her that I was going to destash all my sock yarn and be done with it. That was up until last Monday.

Cat Bordhi was on Knitty Gritty, and she showed a totally new and different way to knit socks. A new and simple (why didn’t I think of that) way of increasing, and I was hooked. I was soaring I knew I had to knit those socks! So I was motivated to really get my sample knit done so I could get at it!! And I did, and I did! (yes I said that twice on purpose sue me!)

 Coriolis sock toe

These are great and all sorts of loom and needle ideas are soaring through my head! So look out.

I can’t believe I got three and a quarter inches worth of sock done in one day. Too cool. And even though I am going to rip it all out to re knit it a little smaller.. I am not sad at all.. it just means I get to do it all over again!!! Woo Hoo!!! Am I a process knitter or what?

8 thoughts on “The Cat Bordhi Effect

  1. Hold the Phone! You don’t do socks? I’m stunned! I didn’t think there wasn’t *anything* you didn’t/couldn’t knit. Wow, just stunned.

    Hogs & Kisses honey!

  2. Socks are addictive. Watch out 😉

    I’m a process knitter too. I can only think of one sweater I’ve ever made for myself that I actually use regularily. The rest sit on shelves and look at me. Once they’re done – the love affair is over. I came, I knit, I conquered.

  3. I am envious!!! Congratulations and Go Denise!!

    Discovered a knitting shop about an hour’s drive from me on Tuesday. Will FINALLY hone those sock and drop spindle skills. You don’t suppose it was the Walking Wheel in the shop window that lured me in, do you? HAHA!!

    Oooh, was at a Colonial Market Faire today and picked up a lucet. Sort of a two-pronged loom. Will let you know how I do with it.

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  5. someone gave me sock yarn, but it is not in a ball?? it is like two pieces in a square together and you pull yarn as you knit with # number 2 circular. haveyou ever seen this, she left and never told me about other then each square makes a sock. please tell me where you would get that or what do you know about it. thanks so much Joan

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