Loom Knitting Air Date on Knitty Gritty!

Well It’s finally here! The air date for the Loom Knitting episode of Knitty Gritty is up! It’s so exciting to know when  it’s coming! And so hard to wait! Isela and I were both asked to send in project ideas and video’s for possible shows  last year, and although Vickie would have liked to do two shows they cut it to one, and Isela was chosen… (let’s face it …she is just cuter than me!) So she went,she saw, she taped.. and now we get to see her on HGTV in July.. Details as follows:

Knitty Gritty
Episode DKNG-708


Loom Knitting
We’re all familiar with those colorful plastic looms you find in craft stores. And we all know looms are great for hats and baby blankets, but did you know you can make cables on a loom? How about socks with decreases? And what about lace? Up until recently, no one knew how to create these patterns, but designer Isela Phelps is taking the world by storm, showing everyone that loom-knitting is as versatile as needle-knitting. Watch as she gives us a primer.Go to DIYNetwork.com now to learn more about these projects!

Looks like I am getting up early on July 9th!!! Congrats Isela.. and hey.. there is always next season! I can try again!

4 thoughts on “Loom Knitting Air Date on Knitty Gritty!

  1. Really cool. Thanks so much for the update and congratulations to both you and Isela for your continued success.

    Loom on!

  2. Finally, loom knitting will get the recognition it deserves! It’s possible to create so many more things than just hats and scarves just as it is with needles and a crochet hook, why wouldn’t people accept as a valid knitting tool?

  3. I just purchased your pinwheel baby blanket and printed it out. When I set down to read it, I discovered that it had printed out on paper that already had printing on it and with the double printing, I am unable to read all of the instructions. When printing, it said it would be saved on my Desktop. However, it is not there.
    Can you e-mail me the instructions again please?.
    Dolores Wells

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