The Results of my Loom Knitting Poll!

Well I have to admit these results are closer than I would have thought. Here they are!! It seems slightly more people do go round the looms counter clockwise though..  

The current results of your poll:
Do you work around your knitting loom clockwise or counter clockwise?

Clockwise                                                                           42.2%

Counterclockwise                                                              46.4%

Both depending on what mood I am in!                         11.5%

This week we are headed out to visit my birth parents. Got to take some knitting!!

I am hoping to finish this poor neglected project..

Coriolis sock

The coriolis socks!

I also have a prayer shawl in progress on the looms I need to finish, and another needle knit one to work on. I think that will be enough to keep me busy! And now that that is settled I can get on to my other less important packing!

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