Shaker Swifts and more!

Thise afternoon was spent at the Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield MA! Hey we were in New England for the afternoon! There was plenty there to keep me interested! I think just about every corner I turned there was a swift or spinning wheel or weaving loom there! Quite nice ones too! I really wanted to sneak into the rooms and try a few out! Too bad I missed the tour of the weaving loft! I would have had a lot of questions about the different spinning wheels in there! There was a really nice small one that looked like a production spindle wheel, it looked quite easy to reproduce! I will have to get there for that tour next time!

I spent a good deal of the time keeping Caleb and Julian out of trouble, so I didn’t get to hear many of the talks..

From what they told me after ward the Shakers were quite a strange lot. Peaceful and all but strange. I resisted buying a skein of souvenier yarn in the gift shop opting instead for a spoon for my collection and a small shaker box to replace the box I currently use to hold my stitch markers.

Shaker box

Not sure what is going to happen for How-To’s Day tommorow. Not my original plan in any case! I forgot my flower loom!!! So perhaps something else!! We shall see. We might go to the Drive in tonight to see Surf’s Up and Fantastic Four, so I might be a bit busy.. but I have a few things in mind!

2 thoughts on “Shaker Swifts and more!

  1. Ooooh, I’m envious!! What fun! Sounds like a terrific place to explore for hours on end.

    Did I tell you of the find of our Executive Director? It’s a table top spinning wheel. We’re still trying to research so haven’t been able to date it yet but think it functions similar to a Walking Wheel.

    Shaker Box is beautiful.

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