Cards Say “MOO” A Pidge says “Huh?” Three loom knitters say “Ha, Ha, Ha!”*


What is in the box?

What can be in this little box?

Peek in the box

Let’s see!

Moo Mini Cards

OOOOH>>> or should I say MOOOOO???

They are my mini Moo Business Cards! Check out the back:

Check out the back!!

I am halfway ready for Rhinebeck! These came out so nice! I am quite pleased!

If you want to get your own Moo Cards Printed up click here and check it out. It’s so easy you just pick from your own photos and upload them to the site.. center them up how you want them and order!!

AND!! If you have a Facebook account you can get Moo Stickers at 15% off if you order before September 30th!! I missed that deal.. I ordered stickers the day before yesterday!! Shucks!!

Very nice!!!

Rats!! My Pidge Post got scooped!! Enjoy giggling over the wonderfully pricy Pidges! If you haven’t seen them.. check it out.. but make sure you go to the bathroom first.. or you might have and accident.. and Kansas… no coffee..that’s it.. put it down! For my needle knitting friends.. they are indeed.. knit without needles…

They are soo intrigued by this little object over at Ravelry that there is a Smidge along.. what fun! Look it up if you are over there!

**10,000 points if you know the book that post title is imitating!

6 thoughts on “Cards Say “MOO” A Pidge says “Huh?” Three loom knitters say “Ha, Ha, Ha!”*

  1. Lucky I saw it last night so no morning coffee in hand! Funny thing I asked my hubby what he thought they were worth and he guessed 300.00!! So I have a couple pairs of socks I’m going to sell him (wink). Men!

  2. I just ordered some moo cards yesterday and I can’t wait to see them how long did it take you to get yours?

  3. Don’t know anything about the book title but I do know what I like and I like those Mini Moo Cards a great deal. They’ll be a huge hit at Rhinebeck and elsewhere. I’m so sorry I can’t go this year. Boo hoo!

  4. So they’re called Pidges, huh? I knit one up a couple years ago with one skein of yarn I got on clearance. It was an orphan, and begged to come home with me. I just ran across the picture; my hair was about 4″ shorter then, which goes to show how long ago I ditched that design. What was I thinking?

  5. Oh My Goodness…I absolutely CANNOT believe the price for a “Pidge”! I’m glad that I went potty first.

    Your Moo cards are great!

  6. its a sandra boynton book.

    the cow says moo. the sheep says ba, three little pigs say la, la, la.

    barnyard dance 🙂

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