UFO Wrangler…

There are, as in any knitters work basket, a whole bunch of unfinished objects hanging about in mine. The foremost being the sweater I started for Brian.  It has a back! And the front waistband is done. The main body of the front is started, but after a mistake in the cable, it was set down till I could carefully pull it back to the waistband and start over. That time has not yet come. But that is the next project I want to pick up and finish. He needs a nice sweater after all.. It’s getting cold around here!

Then there are the socks that are suffering from SSS, the dreaded second sock syndrome. The Catskills cottage socks need to be finished, and the pattern written up. I think I will end up felting my pair and making them a nice pair of slippers.

The second pair of socks to suffer from SSS are the Corialis socks. These are pure genius and I just enjoyed trying them. I fear though that I will be ripping out and starting these again. There is a mistake in the first one that I certainly cannot recreate at this point so it’s better to start over.

The book project.. I read the first two chapters of Stewart’s Manual of Crochet Point Loopation into my computer. There is much much more. So I need to patiently retrain my computer, and find a bit of quiet time here and there to read this in. I also have the proper camera to reproduce the illustrations without having to whack the book on the scanner and damage it. So that UFO needs to get finished.  I will hopefully be adding quite a bit of modern translation of the stitches in an appendix to this book, and some more original patterns using them as well.

I will continue to plod away on my Pi Shawl for my Mom. After dealing with ‘The Bionic Man’ for 5 months it will hopefully be a welcome birthday present come March.

I also have that origami mitten that is about 90% done and needs a mate.. is there SMS?? That one would be great on the looms, I think I will write a translation pattern for that one!

Other than that there will be just a whole lot of playing with yarn as I read through those volumes of books that I listed yesterday, and wading through all the sweater’s worth of yarn bags that I have sitting in my closet. That alone could be years and years of fun with yarn!

Hopefully you will beneifit as well. How Tuesday will restart hopefully with some video tutorials, and perhaps a little podcasting  thrown in. A new feature.. Bookish Thursday will keep you posted on my book reading progress, and reviews as I finish each book.

Sorry to bore with the details.. after yesterday’s fun.. if I get a list out there ya’ll will keep me in check right?

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  1. Afraid I have projects, too. A cashmere blend vest (for me!) has the back nearly finished. And then there is the 18th century Liberty Cap.

    Most of my projects in progress these days are baby items because there are lots of little ones arriving over the next several months including my very first great niece or nephew!

    My sister-in-law surprised me with a yarn find a few months ago. A friend was clearing out things and discovered some sewing and quilting materials along with “wool.” Being a quilter Ellen jumped at the chance to add to her stash. The wool was yarn rather than fabric so I was the recipient of this part of the find. It was an afghan in progress with all the necessary yarn and pattern. Looks like the maker became frustrated with getting the strips even and gave up. Main portion is done on an afghan hook and then embroidered. Interesting challenge but hope to finish the thing so I can give it back to my sister-in-law and her family.

    Of course I have tons of yarn for any number of projects. My real yarn weakness is in May at the Salvation Army’s Fabric and Yarn sale. Oh my, the yarn is amazing and at incredible prices. Lots of wonderful yarns and some are courtesy of a local yarn shop. Of course, I justify my purchases by saying “it’s for a very good cause!” Actually much of the acrylics or washable yarns go into six inch squares or other items for a local charity.

    Time to go — my yarn is calling me!

  2. There seems to be a lot of UFO and WIP personal inventory going on in blogdom. I’m feeling the same way. I hope you find your finishing mojo soon!

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