How To’s Day: How to get Motivated!!

howtosday-icon-thumb Here’s where I ask you all How to… What is it that you use to get motivated and out of a rut? After being sick and tired for two weeks I am sick and tired, unmotivated and just blah! It could be all these cloudy days and strange weather don’t help!

So give me your best ideas on motivation and inspiration!! I’ll try to post them here as they come in!! WE will make it a dynamic interactive post!!


And to attempt a jump start I am going to try to get into the beginning crochet class that is at the local yarn shop.. when I asked Brian about being able to go to a crochet class he said: “What? you can’t go to a crochet class! That’s like.. you would be a traitor!!! ” Oh boy..

7 thoughts on “How To’s Day: How to get Motivated!!

  1. For me, I’ve got to get far, far away from the TV. Turn that sucker off! Crank up the tunes and set a timer. Promise yourself something good (like a bath in a clean tub) for when you’ve completed your task(s). Give the kids a list to complete, but make it fun, like a treasure hunt. See how much can get done in a short time (hot potato style). Good luck!

  2. For me, the best motivation to craft is to have a good recipient. It makes me want to make things for them faster, otherwise I will procrastinate until the cows (sheep) come home. Also deadlines are very helpful, but I think I find them more motivational when what I am making is a surprise. If they know it’s coming it feels more like a chore :/

  3. Make a list of all the things that need to be done and/or that you want to do. Do a bunch of the quick ones first — you’ll feel really good about how much you’ve accomplished in a short period of time. If the house is looking neglected, vacuum the high traffic areas. You’d be surprised how much that does to make things look better. Change out of your sweats and put on some make-up. You’ll feel better when you look good. Yikes, I’m starting to sound like FlyLady now, so I better quit, but these things work for me. And have fun with the crochet class; you’re still working with yarn!

  4. put on something warm…grab the camera and the kids and ask them to help you find the neatest shots of anything they can find…while they are searching, you take pictures of the clouds and sky and landscape…how can you incorporate those clouds and/or sky colors in your next knitting project…same with the landscape color. cloudless skies vary in color from above your head to the distant horizon. greens are a different color on cloudy days than they are on sunny ones…so are flowers. start to marvel with the kids at the glorious differences. ok, enough, it’s cold, go inside and make some hot cocoa, build a fire and watch the colors of the fire…ummm, what lovely colors…i wonder if there is a yarn….stop, you have a stach! go look at it and the wonderful colors you have…hmmm, now you are cooking.

    ok, i’m nuts but i love colors and one cloudy day is not like another…put on sun glasses and see what new things you see thru the filtered lins..

    i’m gonna stop now.

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