Bookish Thursday: Shop Smarter..More time for knitting..

Need a book fast? I did today.. So I went to the Borders Books site, and looked it up (ok that is not really the book I looked up, this is just an example..)image

It’ll show you a list of the book titles, and then you click on one..


Then it will show you if it is in your local store (you do have to choose what stores you want to check on.. they will pop that up in the beginning..)

If it is in stock, you can reserve it for pick up at the store (which is what I did today!)


You can even pre-order books, and they will email you when it hits the store..your book will never even hit the shelf!


Hint Hint ( I can’t believe they haven’t updated this title!)

They sent me an email when it was ready and I just zoomed in, went to the check out counter and they had it ready for me! Couldn’t be easier! (unfortunately I had forgotten to print out the 20% off coupon that was also on the site! Oh well!)

I know I know you could just order them online and have them shipped to you.. but then you have to pay shipping.. and I was going out anyway it was just a matter of choosing the store that had both books I needed available!

My husband’s grandmother would have been impressed.. this is after all something I learned from her. Work the phones and find the thing you want before you leave the house! I am just applying it to the current available technology!

Not shabby!!

In case you didn’t see the little notes embedded in my photos yesterday.. my very special super power seems to be that I accidentally creatively stick things together with superglue.. usually it involves my own fingers.. but this time.. I unwittingly stuck my husband’s calculator to a mug I was fixing..

So what is your whacky superpower??

2 thoughts on “Bookish Thursday: Shop Smarter..More time for knitting..

  1. My superpower is that I’m a pet magnet. Jazz was very upset when I first visited his home, because he had three cats he never saw. I sat on the couch for five minutes, and all three of them were collected around me, demanding attention, and the one with the nastiest temprament was on my lap. They very quickly became MY cats. Every pet we’ve had tends to follow me around. The only one that doesn’t now is our basset, and I think that’s because I don’t spend my day on the comfortable furniture, like he does.

  2. Wow. Last weekend, I looked up the exact same book at the exact same store, Well, not the EXACT same store but I meant Border’s. They held it for me and, even though they said they would hold it for 3 whole days, I raced down there to buy it.

    Barnes & Noble has lost a customer.

    I’m trying to think of a superpower, but I just really can’t. Maybe I’m just brain dead today. Hey! Maybe that’s it!

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