Oopsie! Pinwheel Blanket Errata!

Well it turns out there is a slight oversight in my Pinwheel Blanket pattern!

On the chart for the saw tooth edge row 12 is missing!

Don’t fear.. it’s simply a purl back row.. so you just purl all the stitches that are there and start over with row 1!!


Now ya’ll either missed it, ignored it.. or just were too shy to tell me eh?

1 thought on “Oopsie! Pinwheel Blanket Errata!

  1. Good thing we’re doing this little loom along, or you might not ever have known, lol! 😉 It has been a ton of fun! I’m still on my 6th wedge and very much looking forward to adding to it when I have a little sit down time. Can’t wait to cuddle with my lappy!

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