Mommy Meme

Hey why not? Let’s make this Mother’s WEEK!


  1. I have 4 kids, 4 cats, a dog, 2 fish and a husband.(he’s my favourite pet)
  2. I am totally disorganized, and totally ADD! (and I can’t seem to figure out why!)
  3. I teach my kids at home using the Ohio Virtual Academy, which is good because I am so disorganized!
  4. On the side, I design and write patterns for knitting and loom knitting and now a bit of crochet. (I get around eh?)
  5. I am the youngest, the oldest, and the middle child all at once.. and no I am not an only child.. figure that one out! I dare ya! (wonder what the birth order experts would make of that!)

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Ok then! 4 days to Hawaii.. gotta go get some more stuff knocked off my to do list!

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About Denise

A stay at home mom of four, who homeschools, changes a lot of diapers.. minds the dog and in her spare time knits on her knitting boards and looms and occasionally picks up some knitting needles too..

5 thoughts on “Mommy Meme

  1. I am a novice knitter who shuns patterns. I am in awe that you can actually design them. I can barely understand them! Have fun in Hawaii!!

  2. Ok, you have me thinking on number 5! Do you have two step parents? I am assuming you are the oldest in your family of biological parents, then you have a step dad and step mom and they had children so that made you the middle and youngest in those families? You could mix it up a bit and be the youngest in your biological family, etc., etc.

  3. Just stopping in from the party to say hi! I’m Jenny. 🙂 I love your site. I’ve added you to my list of dailies as well. I hope you can find my site, The So Called Me, interesting and readable. I’d love you to visit sometime. 🙂

  4. Hi Denise,
    Nice to meet you. I’m coming by from Mommy Fest. I don’t knit but I love to see other creations. The piece you are wearing on your About Me page is soooo pretty. Happy blog hopping.

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