New Sock Loom on the Market!

On a day I feel unrepresented, it’s nice to see that DA Looms always represents what I want as a loom knitter to improve my craft!

After much trial and error, they have come out with a new sock loom that is worthy of great notice!

The wonder sock loom:


I have a mini wonder loom, and it has been my go to loom for some time now. Small and portable enough to toss in my purse,  makes as convenient as needles! This new sock loom looks like it will be just as good!!

I think… I am going to have to get myself one!

Pop on over to the DA Looms site and check out the details.. including a coupon code for a sale on this very loom, and tell em I send ya!

5 thoughts on “New Sock Loom on the Market!

  1. I recently bought this loom and it is wonderful.
    I encourage everyone to give it a try.

  2. Hi
    My name is Zoe and I’m from Ohio. I recieved my wonder sock loom, but cant seem to go any futher than the length , I have not found anywhere it shows on the Loom how to do the heel or toe. Help please

  3. hi, go on the internet and type in views of sock looms, isela phelps videos are great. i hope you will be happy

  4. I can’t seem to find where to find the Wonder Sock Loom (I or II) for sale. I have looked many places, including the DA Looms site and can’t find it anywhere. Will you help me find a valid site to purchase one. I am looking for WSL II that has the loom made of nylon, especially.


    Wanda Schmidt

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