It Could Only Happen to Me

I teach the Jr. High Sunday school class at our church. Yesterday the lesson was about the tools we use to study the Bible, and to find answers  in the Bible etc..

So there is this opening exercise. You have the kids write down a question they want answered by the Bible. Then you have them close their eyes, open their Bible to a random page and plunk down their finger on the page and Voila! there is their answer.

Of course this is to show that this is NOT the way to find answers in the Bible.

So they came up with their questions, and being Jr. High age not all the questions were.. of Biblical proportion.. One of my students wrote.. “ Is it evil to eat a cheeseburger?”

Ok.. I said… let’s do this.. close your eyes, open your Bible plunk down your finger on a verse.. 

Here’s what he got..

Ecclesiastes 5:18 a“ Behold, that which I have seen to be good and proper is for one to eat and to drink…”

Well then.. of course he insists that his finger was on verse 17":

“All his days he also eats in darkness, he is frustrated, and has sickness and wrath.”  

Take it as you will..

2 thoughts on “It Could Only Happen to Me

  1. Heh. I’ve done that several times in my life. It’s not the ‘normal’ way… but there is a reason it’s called the Living Word!

  2. wonderful veggie tale video. and wonderful message. Made me hunger for a cheeseburger but then had second thoughts.

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