Finished Friday! I do still knit!

I finished this Tuesday Night Cowl a while back and am thoroughly enjoying it!


And on a another note… that vegetable bowl behind it is now officially 100 years old!! In fact, most of my Buffalo Willow Ware is now 100-104 years old and only one piece is broken!

THANKS Grandma Hattie!!! (who by the way is the namesake of my glass model in the photo as well!)

2 thoughts on “Finished Friday! I do still knit!

  1. Love all the blue. Which cowl pattern did you use? Or did you make your own design?

    There’s a little package finally on its way to you. I kept adding things to it… and then got snowed in… and snowed in again. But it should arrive sometime next week. Hope you enjoy it.

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