Lessons Learned from the last year…

I thought I would share a few lessons learned from that rough last year!!

1. You usually really don’t need it even if you think you do!

Prioritize Prioritize Prioritize!

We cut down cel phone service. Cut out house phone. We cut cable down to basic, and then just down to the internet service.. the children survived quite nicely!

I did add in Netflix which was nice and I still have it.. who knows maybe this summer we will cut out cable TV again..

You really have to pair things down to what you really NEED! For example.. my iPod touch died in October. I had a warranty on it that actually gave me the money back I spent on it minus taxes.  ( I highly recommend Square Trade for this by the way!) I could have turned around and bought a new iPod. I used it, it is a useful tool. However.. did I really need it? No. So the refund went to other things. Like.. food!

It amazes me how unwilling some people are to prioritize and only get what they truely need.

Now, I need to keep in that mindset and save so if anything happens again, we have a bigger emergency fund.. that’s a lesson for next time..

1 thought on “Lessons Learned from the last year…

  1. I am a compulsive spender. I can’t remember where I found this on the net:

    Buy what you need;
    Want what you have.

    With both of us out of work, and no savings to speak of, I’m trying to live by this, myself.

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