A Little Trip to the Art Museum

I have been planning on taking Brian to the Akron Art Museum for the M.C. Escher exhibit for a while now. But business trips  and such have interfered, so I was very glad that they held it over another week!

I managed to pretty much surprise him, which is unheard of! Caleb did say something about the art museum just before we headed out the door! Oh well.

He was quite pleased. And learned a few things about Escher that he hadn’t known already!

It was an excellent exhibit, I only have one small complaint. They have two of Escher’s models there that have to be viewed from a certain angle for the illusion to work. Unfortunately, I am short. And being short I was too short to properly view the models and no accommodation was made for this issue.  I ended up standing on Brian’s feet to view the models.  I guess if I had ended up going with the kids on my own I would have just had to ask for a phone book to stand on!

If you are in the area, and have a little time between now and Sunday I encourage you to go see the exhibit.

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