Moaning on Monday..

When you last left me dear readers, I was ‘trying’ to rest my thumb. It seems I have been too tempted and fiddling with yarn too much trying gauge swatches for a Rhinebeck sweater and I am still hurting.. Sigh..

I really didn’t do TOO Much knitting. I have to say.. It’s just so hard not to!!

Maybe I should pick up a thumb brace support thingy at the drug store and that will annoy me into not knitting. We’ll see..

For now I am writing a couple book reviews that are long overdue and seeing if I can figure out the new blog theme I want to use!

That might keep me out of the yarn, even though I have piled up some project ideas.. and am still obsessing over making that darn Rhinebeck sweater! I don’t know why this year that need just has grabbed hold of me!

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