I am obsolete.. or.. if I had only known!

While I scramble and knit like crazy to get the projects for a new book done. I cam across this..

AGNES the loom knitting robot! Boy. If I had only known I would have put her to work on at least one project!

Ah well.. too late now.. and besides she can’t do the fancy stitches like cable and lace.. heck.. she can’t even purl! So I guess I am not so obsolete after all..


In any case here is the info on her maker..


Meet the Makers


Andy Noyes

Roboknit is a life-sized humanoid knitting robot. She can knit by hand in a way very similar to a person, using a knitting loom (an alternative way of knitting to using knitting-needles) and is capable of making woolly hats, scarves, and other items. She took a year to build in Andy’s spare time and is made from many commonly available parts including electric motors recycled from printers and CD drives.

To see a video of her in action Click here!

Enjoy! See you on the flip side in June!! But for know I have to stick to my knitting!!

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