Bookish Thursday: Uncommon Cards

I got a great new book in the mail from Running Press called Uncommon Cards: Stationery Made with Found Treasures, Recycled Objects, and a Little Imagination by Jeanne Williamson


I really like this one. It is chock full of ideas for making cute little greeting cards from all kinds of recycled objects from fabric to coffee filters to that orange construction fencing! The really nice thing about the book is that you can use the ideas in it easily, or you can get some great ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

They top it off with 8 colorful blank cards in the back of the book for you to play with!

Here is the description of the book from Running Press’s website:

“The right greeting card is hard to find, but with the most basic sewing machine and a few recycled materials, you’ll have cards for every occasion in a snap. With 52 sewn designs made from easy-to-follow, straightforward instructions, you can show just how much you care with a beautiful, handmade creation: no sewing experience necessary! This DIY guide contains eight sheets of cardstock and basic stitch patterns that can be completed with nothing more than a needle and thread, either by hand or machine, transforming a blank card into a whimsical, inspired, one-of-a-kind design. The perfect expression for birthdays, graduations, or a simple thinking- of-you note, each design incorporates inexpensive and easy to find household items such as strips of fabric, brightly colored plastics, handmade stamps, and more. Even recycled items such as mesh produce bags and seed packets are put to new use to create truly one-of-a-kind cards!”

If you are a card maker looking for some fresh ideas, or you just like to make personalized cards to go with those knitted gifts you are rapidly not finishing for Christmas.. then this  book is for you!

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