Bookish Thursday.. the fun things that happen!

This is one of the fun things that happen when you have a book out!


You are like.. what? Wait? oh! That’s my book! I have yet to see the afghan book out in the wild, that’s really fun when you first see your book on a store shelf!

Anyway! Sending out a little smile your way! Happy Knitting!

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A stay at home mom of four, who homeschools, changes a lot of diapers.. minds the dog and in her spare time knits on her knitting boards and looms and occasionally picks up some knitting needles too..

2 thoughts on “Bookish Thursday.. the fun things that happen!

  1. Received my copy of your book today and it’s fantastic! Love all the projects, I can’t decide which is my favorite.

  2. I downloaded a digital pdf version of your book last night. I was excited to see the bed runners. I am new at this and have an afghan I have to finish, but had to get your book before I forgot.
    This morning I took my trusty 50% off Joann’s coupon so I could buy the All-n-One loom…what a deal. While I was browsing the books, guess what I saw…yes, it was indeed your book. Just know that your book is on the shelf @ JoAnn’s in Round Rock, TX.

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