That’s what I feel like today. Bouncing up and down emotions being yanked around.

I got a note from my publisher today. My booklet, Learning to Knit on Circle Looms will be out for sale on March 6 through DRG. It’s at the printer now. The sales manager feels that it will do well as there is alot of interest in it. So I should be wildly happy.

I also got a note from Angela today. She is in Pearlington MS distributing the care kits from Purls of Hope and other donations that have been sent down there. The situation is pretty grim. You can read Angela’s note here. There will also be an update story on CNN American Morning on the 28th.  And so I am down.

The people there need their local government to step up and work on re establishing their infastructure. They need help getting the debris cleared, and they need permanent replacement homes. I don’t know what I can do to help with that.I thought about writing a letter every day for a month to the president.. might get the attention of the SS.. Donald Trump? Bill Gates? FEMA who??? I am overwhelmed.

 I knew I was small beans when I started Purls of Hope. I thought it could help. There have been a few people who really embraced it and sent care kits and for that I am glad.

On the other hand my pleas for links and buttons sent to people who have more popular and wider read blogs than mine have fallen on deaf ears. Emails left unanswered so getting the word out has been difficult. So I am frustrated.

My publisher offered to put an article in Creative Knitting about Purls of Hope, but with the Red Cross gone, and the distribution center closing I don’t know if that would be of any use. I am grateful for the offer.

With all this nervous energy to work off I have gotten alot of rearranging and reorganizing done here in my school room. Things should be a little easier on that front, more structured and less stressful, more productive. For that I am hopeful.

My publisher also mentioned that, yes, I should put in a proposal for a booklet about knitting boards.. for that I am nervous!

Edited to add: I just got a note from Sandy. She is on a team that are doing a breast cancer race and fundraiser. They wanted to use my ribbon scarf pattern to make scarves to wear and sell to raise funds for their local cancer center. They fiddled with the pattern a bit, came up with a version that suites them, and are going with it.

Ok.. I feel like I am making a bit of a difference… thanks Sandy.. your timing was perfect.

 So.. how was your day?

Purls of Hope

Yesterday we went to Sam’s club and got a new membership there. One thing I really like about Sam’s club is the shopping carts. They are double wide, and so they have two kids spots there so my two youngest can both sit in the cart. Not that that lasts long but it helps!

As we were walking through the aisles I was looking at the bulk plastic ware, and all the foods and thinking about how much I could send to help people who are still struggling from Katrina. I was lifting boxes to see how heavy they were trying to do mental calculations of postage.

They were heavy, it seemed hopeless. So here is where I enlist your help.

I recently have been in touch with Angela Cole, she is a nurse who has been going down to help out taking supplies when she can, giving vaccinations, hugs, a listening ear, whatever she can do.

Recently she was able to get on CNN and voice the plight of the people in a particular town, Pearlington, Mississippi.

Here is the video.

 After going to Sam’s club, we stopped at the drive through to get some lunch. It’s so convenient to be able to do this. Even more so now that then can just swipe your bank card and off you go. Convenience. That is a luxury we sure take for granted. In many  rural areas that were hit by Katrina there is none. There are no stores, no McDonalds no laundry mats no.. well.. nothing. It’s all gone.

Here is a photo gallery of Pearlington. Four months after the hurricane it still looks pretty much like this.


After grabbing lunch we went home.

Home. What could be better, putting our groceries away, kicking back in the recliner relaxing and of course knitting away. Cozy and warm.


Many people in Pearlington and areas like it have been lucky and have gotten FEMA trailers. Some, many, still are camping out in tents. Now this may be the south but it does get cold. The FEMA trailers are not heated, the tents most certainly are not. And while camping out is fun for a while, after four months it sure gets old. There is no dry place to keep the things that they have and there is no replacing many of the things they have lost.


In my communication with Angela I have asked her what people there most need right now.

Here is her answer:

“Due to the generosity of volunteers from my hometown in Newnan, GA, I think we’re good on things like sweaters and hats and gloves. However, they could use more blankets of all sizes and colors.”

Also here is a list of food goods that they might need:

Food – non-perishable items:

-Red Beans or Kidney Beans (in bags or cans)
-Rice (bags or instant)
-Soups, Stews, and Chilis
-Saltine crackers
-Canned Tuna, Chicken, and sandwich spreads (such as Deviled Ham)
-Vienna Sausages (comes in cans – very popular in the south)
-Juices (apple, cranberry, orange)
-Poptarts and/or breakfast bars
So here is what I propose.        

I would love to get some kits out to these people.

So one unit or kit would include the following:

1 blanket (I suggest you buy one, or donate one that is gently used unless you have one already knitted or crocheted that you can give)

Some food items remember these need to be non perishable. (try to include enough for at least one meal and lets throw in one fun item.. hot chocolate, jello mix some kind of treat!)

Some knitted items..like washcloths, dishcloths, potholders, door “snakes” to keep-out drafts (the FEMA trailers are not insulated – very drafty around the door) These are small items that can be done quickly!


Please also get a plastic storage box that these items can fit in, not nessesarily all of them. Dry storage is a problem and a nice plastic air tight storage box will go a long way to keeping items safe and dry.

Any other items you can think of that might come in handy ie batteries etc..

I will get an address ASAP so please start collecting items to make up a kit! My goal is to get at least 50 kits sent to Pearlington and then keep this up as the need arises in other areas. Please consider helping out! The need is out there