Would you give up food for 30 hours so someone else could eat?

This weekend my husband and two oldest kids are going to to just that! For 30 hours they will not eat, and will be learning about the plight of the hungry around the world.

They are looking for sponsors for this 30 Hour Famine..

Here’s what they said about what they are doing:

We are really excited for this event! Last year we did the same thing, and it was such a touching event, most of the videos and the facts made us mad at the world! Like one, “To satisfy the world’s sanitation and food requirements would cost only US$13 billion- what the people of the United States and the European Union spend on perfume each year.”

That is just horrible! TO think we could stand a year without perfume, but nobody does, they don’t usually think that the food they just threw out was something that someone in Africa could easily benefit from.

Our youth group is trying to raise enough this year so that three children can eat for a year, all that from us going without food for only thirty hours. Please help if you can!

To sponsor Azia please  click here

To sponsor Jaxom  please click here

To sponsor Brian Click Here!! *he really needs sponsors to catch up with the kids!!

If you want to learn a little more about the 30 Hour Famine first, please click here.

And thanks to Isela I can sweeten the pot!! If you sponsor either one of my kiddos she is willing to throw in a free pattern from her pattern shop, or you could pick one from mine as well.(just click on the pattern gallery link above!) This offer good now till Sunday!!

Please leave a comment on this post letting me know you donated, I will verify, and then send you the details on how to get your free pattern!

Heads Up! Knitting Board Sale!

I got some news that there is a sale on Authentic Knitting Boards this weekend! Here’s the skinny:

“This weekend only, June 3-5, get 30% off of the 18" Knitting Board.  This popular knitting board goes on sale very rarely, so hurry to get this great deal. “

They are also planning on collecting items for donation as well: Here’s the info on that!

“We are once again planning a huge donation of hand knitted goods for our hospitalized veterans as well as to their families. We also want to send another box of warm goods to the children’s native home in North Dakota. If you want to specify which donation group you want your items to go to, just specify with a note. We will donate in the name of Knitting Loom Knitters/USA, or you can put in a personal note to go along with your gifts. You are also welcome to attach a small note to each item. Your donated items can be made on any type of loom.

We would like to ship these boxes out by the first of October, 2011. This way they can be enjoyed for the entire colder season. Please send items to us at the below address. Thank you for your generosity and sharing spirit.”

Authentic Knitting Board , 60 Carysbrook Rd, Fork Union, VA 23055

Yet another opportunity to help those less fortunate!!

A Great Project and How You can Help!


I was recently contacted BY Andrea . Her mother had given her a challenge to make 21 hats for charity by October. So she started knitting. Loom knitting that is!

She chose the Honeycomb Hat pattern from my site and went to town!

       photo (1) photo (1) photo (1)

Just   she emailed me and let me know that she had already reached the goal of 21 hats! In fact she has recently hit hat # 34.   Here it is..


She is wondering how many more she can get done by the October deadline. At this rate who knows?

Well. It seems to me all these hats need some scarves to go with them, or mittens!

So here is my challenge to you: knit a scarf or mittens to donate to be sent with the hats. Send me a comment, and I will be glad to give you the mailing address where you can send the items so that  and her mom can add them to the care packages they are sending out.

Come on! If Andrea can knit that many hats.. then hey if each of us sends her a scarf she can match them up and double the gift she is sending!!

Invasive Species Controller

I was looking over the opportunities in the local listings for Disney’s Give a Day Get a Day volunteer program and the volunteer job of ‘Invasive Species Controller’ certainly caught my eye.

Had my parents dubbed me Invasive Species Controller, it might have made those endless hours of weed pulling a little more interesting.. Doesn’t it just tug at the imagination? Battling for life and limb with an ‘invasive species’?

One of the things I hope to do this year is get a little gardening going. Of course I think that every year, but hey who knows this might be the year I fight back some evil weeds in my garden area and get it done!

It’s sure worth it. I might not have thought that when I was young, grumbling and mumbling about having to constantly pull weeds, but when I had a taste of those peas right off the vine, or the blueberries.. oooh those blueberries I sure wasn’t complaining!