Great Connections and a ‘Smidge’ of Knitting..

Azia and I went to Wine and Wool today. It was rather small, but I understand there was some difficulty when the main person organizing the event had to step down. We also got there late in the day so I am not sure if people had already left or not.

Made a great connection though! I met the owner of the new Yarnia shop! Melissa. She is super nice. She had a lot of great yarns there, and it sounds like the shop is going to be great!! A cafe, classrooms, and yarn of course! Looks like I will be working on switching the Stitch n’  Bitch group to a new location! She was very receptive to us meeting there..  (yes Ashley.. you are double doomed!!)

She also had two things at the festival that I have been dying to get, but really didn’t want to pay the shipping on to order online.. The Lucy Bag Pattern, (I need to do something with all the wool I have since I can’t really wear it!) and the The Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements. It is awsome!! I don’t know what I have done without it!!

I whipped this up last night on my knitting board..


I needed a serious break from work knitting!! And this sure fit the bill.

I need to weave in the ends, and maybe I will wear it to church tommorrow.

I also made yogurt.. Kansas will be beaming at that! Hopefully it will be good!

All in all A good day..I’m energized…how’s about you?

PS. The fall sale on my patterns will continue through the end of October! Remember all you have to do to get $1 off each pattern is to enter the code fallsale and it will give you the discount! Enjoy!