Great Connections and a ‘Smidge’ of Knitting..

Azia and I went to Wine and Wool today. It was rather small, but I understand there was some difficulty when the main person organizing the event had to step down. We also got there late in the day so I am not sure if people had already left or not.

Made a great connection though! I met the owner of the new Yarnia shop! Melissa. She is super nice. She had a lot of great yarns there, and it sounds like the shop is going to be great!! A cafe, classrooms, and yarn of course! Looks like I will be working on switching the Stitch n’  Bitch group to a new location! She was very receptive to us meeting there..  (yes Ashley.. you are double doomed!!)

She also had two things at the festival that I have been dying to get, but really didn’t want to pay the shipping on to order online.. The Lucy Bag Pattern, (I need to do something with all the wool I have since I can’t really wear it!) and the The Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements. It is awsome!! I don’t know what I have done without it!!

I whipped this up last night on my knitting board..


I needed a serious break from work knitting!! And this sure fit the bill.

I need to weave in the ends, and maybe I will wear it to church tommorrow.

I also made yogurt.. Kansas will be beaming at that! Hopefully it will be good!

All in all A good day..I’m energized…how’s about you?

PS. The fall sale on my patterns will continue through the end of October! Remember all you have to do to get $1 off each pattern is to enter the code fallsale and it will give you the discount! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Great Connections and a ‘Smidge’ of Knitting..

  1. DUDE… everyone went to Wine and Wool today.

    I wanted to go because of the spin-in… but when today actually came around I decided I didn’t want to leave the house. If I would have known everyone was going I might have actually gone.

  2. I have to tell ya your picture looks rather strange on Google Reader! I thought “what the heck did she knit?” LOL
    And yes, I’m BEAMING that you made yogurt!! You’ll love it, mix it up with jam and you’ll never go back to storebought (blech) LOL

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