Oh heck.. I’m up to my neck!

Well here is a before shot of my sweater!!!
To tease you!
Before! After the handy dandy yarn winder!

I spent more time than I expected cause I stopped by the store to check out some yarn for my next big project… hehehhe nope.. sorry no peeking!

But I made progress..
So here it is! In it’s current condition!

Most of a sweater! 15 rows to go!

Well I have only 15 rows to go! Shall I play hookey tommorrow? Can’t do that! I’m the teacher!
Oh well.
You’ll just have to wait, I have to drive Mom’s Taxi service tommorrow night, So should be Thursday! Mabye I’ll wait till the big haircut sale at Best Cuts, then I’ll model it! Hmmmm what to do what to do!

Right now? Collapse!

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