Mary Janes and rambling!

Well! check out these Mary Janes made by my friend Allison in OH! It is soo cool to see people using a pattern I made to make nice things like this!
She has 7? kids, homeschools, and knits too!
Hopefully I am going to get some yarn shopping in tonight! I need about 10 skeins of some kind of yarn! The auction I was going to try for already went past the limit I set for myself! So that’s a wash.
I really want a nice worsted, cotton/linen blend around 100 yards each.. so I can wear my new creation during the summer! We shall see! I got some great ideas today so I am raring to go!! Just got to get the goods!! I think that I am going to be stuck with an acrylic, like Lion Brand Jiffy.. or mabye even Wool Ease.. I will check out what they have at Michael’s and Joann’s and perhaps I will darken the doorway of Stitch Peice ‘n Purl! (that is if I can find it!)
That is of course unless some Faeiry Yarn Mother shows up with and armfull of yarn for me!!

The knitting meetup is next week, so somehow tonight I also want to get back to that sweater! I have decided to tink it by putting it back on the board and taking it off backwards! There is only about 25 rows to do this to, half of which are short rows, so it shouldn’t be that bad! Especially since only 20 of those rows will be returning!
So I will have to lock myself in my room (or mabye Brian will have all the kids in bed when I get back!) and get to it!
Well I still need to figure out what these people will eat for dinner! So I will write an update later!


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