What will it be?

Well I did find Stitch Piece n’ Purl last night! There wasn’t quite the selection of yarns that I was expecting. Sure there were some of the big names.. Noro, Berroco and all, there just wasn’t a big variety. It seems like Stitch Piece n’ Purl is more about the stitch and piece than the purl! Still I found a little something! So I have half of what I need for the next big thing.. here is a peek!
These colours just jumped out at me! But I got some help getting them off the top shelf!
Ahh what will it be?

I wonder.. please.. send me some guesses in my comments ooh I know whoever guesses right first will win a pattern! How bout the pattern for a earflaps hat for the knitting board? I bought it from KnittingBoard.com but now I have two copies!

So send me those guesses!(no guesses for Isela.. she knows what it will be!And no hints from her either!)

When I got home from the LYS all the kids were in bed and asleep:shock: I don’t know what Brian does with them when I am out! But I sure wish he would do it every night!

So I did get to work on the sweater last night! I got it pulled back all the way to the arm hole top on the front! So today I will pull out 5 more rows then knit back up!Once I got it pulled out put the stitches back on the board, and to an even row I just pulled gently on the end of the yarn and the stitches popped off and the next row’s stitch popped onto the nail! It was like magic! Worked like a charm! A few had to be placed on by hand but not too many!

Isela asked for a shot of the yarn tensioner I made so after about 15 tries I figured out that my camera has a close up setting! So here it is:
ta da
Isela also is sure that Sam was busy at work on my new 30″ AJAL on Saturday!! So I am waiting patiently 😎 for it’s arrival, or at least to hear when it will be coming!

Well enough for now! I have kids to wrangle! Yesterday I walked into the kitchen and found Caleb in the sink! He sure is giving me a run for my money!


6 responses to “What will it be?”

  1. Isela Avatar

    I love the tensioner….AWESOME idea :). I am going to have to send you my loom for you to put one on, lol.

    And, it is not fair…I want a try in the contest, lol. Is it a rabbit? LOL 😛 😆

  2. Becky Avatar

    hmmm, could it be a bikini?!:cool:

  3. Becky Avatar

    😛 or could it be a swim suit cover-up? Does it look like the little dress in the darling picture?

  4. Isela Avatar

    I love Becky’s idea…a bikini, great idea :). That’s your next project, LOL. No, I will not volunteer to model it, LOL. 😆

  5. Lori Avatar

    Hmmm, it’s a woolblend yarn so that means it’s not a felted project.
    :idea:Is it a computer cozy?:lol:

  6. I am guessing that it is going to be a poncho. But I am basing this guess on the little drawing I see on the table by the yarn. :mrgreen:

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