Honey I shrunk half my sweater..no it’s not a bikini!

Wow! Who knew how motivating a State of the Union speech would be for knitting! It’s amazing how quickly you can knit when there is no action on the screen to draw your eyes away! It’s definitely much speedier than when I watch say.. Alias.. or 24! With those shows, you look away, you miss out! So you are knitting only during commercials! Not much progress that way!
As a result, I was able to pull out that last 5 rows and get the first half of the sweater ‘shrunk’. I pulled out five of the armhole rows, then just started there for the shoulder.. decreased each of 4 rows by 2 on each end, then the 5th row by 1. Then knitted 4 rows in the neck, and decreased by one because it still looked a tad wide, then knitted another 13 rows till my yarn ran out! So the over all effect is that the neck is narrower and a little longer, and the armhole will signifigantly smaller!
Take a look!

So far so good!

Tonight is ER, and CSI so lot’s of sit and knit time!

Well no one has guessed yet.. except of course Isela.. and that doesn’t count! Heheh.. the placement of a distracting Azia pattern design sketch threw you off!! (that’s a poncho not a dress!)

So here is a little more information! There are 5 balls of yarn. It is Plymouth Encore Colorspun. You will have to do the legwork to find out a little more about that yarn to make a better guess.
I will NEED the 30″ AJAL to make the mystery item. So I am waiting patiently for word on my AJAL! That’s enough clues for now! Keep those guesses coming!

2 thoughts on “Honey I shrunk half my sweater..no it’s not a bikini!

  1. 💡 It’s going to be a poncho! For you! Yes?

    BTW, I’ve never had pictures of my feet posted anywhere on the internet. Cool! 😳

  2. Or maybe…a shawl?

    Or a sweater for one of your children?

    Or a poncho for your dd?

    I’m all out of ideas.

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