How many hours? How many Swatches??

Ok.. as you will recall my goal was 16 swatches in 16 days. Well if you count that two colour hat from the other day as a swatch as I did it looks like I have two more to go..

And.. well look over there.. last I looked it was about 19 hours left..

Of course in that 19 hours I also have to:

cook dinner

get the family to clear the table after dinner

wash some dinner dishes

get two kids to take showers and wash their hair

clip the nails of the child with sensory least when it comes to that…

get four kids to bed

let the dog out

let the dog in

feed the dog

decide on the final stitch pattern to try

knit a swatch on the needles for that stitch pattern

quell a two year old who wants up while I am typing


get everyone up

feed them breakfast

get them all dressed and ready for church

let the dog out

let the dog in

feed the dog

go to Sunday school

go to church

wish I was on nursery duty so I had another hour to knit

come home and make lunch

water the plants

knit knit knit

rescue camera from same two year old and get pork chops out of the oven

knit knit knit

probably by then write and entry for my new Lion Blog on the Lion Brand site

get the two year old to take a nap

wish I could take a nap

finish cleaning the boys’ room to get it ready for the four year old’s new bed


(and that is after an hour and a half of cleaning today!)

knit knit knit

When is the closing ceremony?

look over lessons for home school next week…

enter lessons and attendance for last week…

knit and extra swatch cause I am sure someone will not count the hat..



And that doesn’t include diaper changes and getting the four year old to go potty.. or take care of it when he doesn’t make it! ……hehehheh

You will also notice no where does it mention anything like brushing teeth, hair getting dressed etc.. so you can pretty much assume I will be a stinking,wrinkled mismatched overtired mess by the time the flame goes out.. but’s worth it!

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