New Pattern! The Honeycomb Beanie!

Here is my latest:

february 058.jpg


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The Honeycomb Beanie! (click on pictures for larger view)

This is another great quick knit! Done with a bulky or super bulky yarn It uses only 50 yards so it is a frugal knit too!!


The honeycomb stitch pattern can be used to make just about anything you want as well.It is worked over a multiple of 6 stitches so keep that in mind when choosing your looms!

february 065.jpg



Enjoy! Thanks for looking!


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4 thoughts on “New Pattern! The Honeycomb Beanie!

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  2. Hey Denise…I want to buy the hat pattern…which KK would be it be good on? Can I do it on the green? I have some leftover yarn from my sweater…maybe it would be good to have a hat to match…do you think it would work with babyclouds?

  3. bought your celtic scarf also have your book on the scarf
    when you start the icords is it i5 rows then end off and
    start the next on the pattern it just says how to separate for the
    icorn then bind off do this for 15 rows

    i am confused.

  4. I really LOVE the honeycomb stitch you have done. The only problem that I have is that the title of your site is knitting withouth needles, and I want to knit WITH needles this stitch.
    Is that possible? I need to know if I can do this stitch with needles too before to buy the pattern.

    Thank you!

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