Sick Day!

As I predicted last week spending three days in a germpool   room filled with delightful other children from the Virtual Acadamy for testing has taken it’s toll. Here is what my sick kids are doing..

march 032.jpg

everyone is either coughing or sniffling or running to the bathroom!

So it’s a good day to catch up on posts.

Let’s see…

Here is the promised picture of the great package that my secret pal sent me! Thanks!! (Sully was not included!)

march 036.jpg

Now if I can only pry that Lorna’s Laces sock yarn away from Sully.. he took an immeadiate liking to it!

I got a prize package from Laine! Some stitch markers, a knitting mag from the UK, a great knit washcloth, a novel, some neat soap to use with it, and I am sure a few other things that I am just not remembering right now! It’s fun to get stuff like that!

I also got a new loom from Lynne Markman! It’s her new fine gauge adjustable loom! It’s soo incredibly light! I will treat it today and get working on it tonight! I need to make a gadget bag for my Booty Swap pal! So look out for Piratey things!! Some faire isle and intarsia to try it out on a felted object to start!! Then I will really work something up for Lynne.

I finished this up LATE last night on my AJAL. Hmmm… whatever could it be? Wait and see! It’s not perfect.. but I think it will turn out rather nicely!

march 034.jpg

I also have a thumb to finish for the mitten I am working on for my Lion Blog. So pop over and check it out! Let’s see.. I think that just about does it for now!

Later with a contest that might just spark your intrest!!


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