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I have a great little collection of spoons. I collect them from wherever I go, and lots of times when family or friends know I have this collection they will also pick up a spoon for me when there are somewhere on vacation, or if they happen upon an interesting one wherever they are.

Whenever I want to see my spoons I just walk into my little breakfast room and take a gander.. I like to look at them and remember places I have been or hearing stories about the places my family and friends have been to. 

The other day I came across an impressive collection. It was an online collection of knitting patterns..The site boasted over 1000 in their collection.

I was duly impressed. My husband was not.. he said we could beat that! We could make a directory on your site and beat that!! I said why would I want a collection of regular knitting patterns on a Knitting Without Needles site when there is no collection of free knitting loom and board patterns like this? So he said we could do that!

So here is my proposal: I would like to build a centralized collection of the free knitting loom and knitting board patterns. A place for one stop shopping so to speak.

Now. I can’t do it alone! I need your help! I need you to email me the links of sites with free knitting loom patterns. I know there are some out there that I haven’t even found yet so I expect to be pleasantly surprised.

After obtaining permission of the pattern owner, I will either pop the patterns into pdf files to be downloaded directly from the directory, or place a link to the pattern on their site.I will also categorize them and get them out there in one place so they are easy to find! It may be another page on this site, or it may be a whole new site.

So, if you have a free pattern that you want to submit to the directory please email me the link, or the whole pattern(with permission of the pattern owner*) at:

There will be prizes!!! I will put everyone who submits a pattern into a database 1 entry per pattern you submit, and pick names for prizes!! I personally have a few looms and some yarn I can throw in the pot, and anyone who wants to donate a prize to encourage this effort please email me at the address above with prize in the subject line!! Let’s see how sweet we can make it!!

And also.. I would love to collect a readers’ gallery of photos of projects you have made from my patterns from here and from the book! I have had a few of you email me photos and just saw the first one from the book on Patti’s blog!!


  (hope you don’t mind Patti…I snagged your picture!!)

  So send those along to my personal email over there on the right! I can’t wait to see your creations!! 

*note: If I find that anyone has submitted a pattern that is out there for sale, or otherwise in violation of the pattern owner’s copyright the submitter will be disqualified from the contest and the pattern will not be placed in the database.     


4 thoughts on “Starting a collection..

  1. Denise – What a treat to have you displaying my picture on your blog! Thank you so much! I will be making plenty of projects from your book so I will be sure to send more pictures!

  2. I am so excited by your project for collecting all free patterns in one place on the internet. I don’t have any original patterns, but if I did I would send some for the collections. I hope this works out.

  3. I can hardly wait for this book. What a wonderful idea! I have a pattern online in the yahoo roundlooms group (and 3 other looming groups). The original designer of this pattern has it in Bev’s Cottage website. It is to be used only for charity items. It is the Fancy Diaper Cover pattern. Thanks, and let us know when you have the book finished. I’ll be one of the first to buy it. Please contact me at my email address above. THANKS!!

  4. Looking forward to the Directory. Sounds like lots of work. But , it will be worth it. Thanks so much for spending the time to put everything in one spot. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

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