It sounded like angels singing!

Well the weekend was nice!

The retreat was time well spent. It was mostly about defining yourself and your boundries and how not  doing that can effect your life and cause all sorts of problems.

Saturday night was nice. We had an impromptu singing session, all standing around the piano singing alot of well loved songs. I threw in a silly fun song.. you just can’t be a churrch camp and not sing at least one silly fun song even if you are all ‘grown up’. I also threw in the Victory Chant.. that is a call and response song and a good one.. Glenn, who had organized the retreat made a point of commenting on that song after the church service on Sunday morning.. and said it sounded like a group of angels singing and that I really need to do that one at regular church some time.. Mabye when my voice is back to full strength. This cold that the family is passing around has me almost singing bass!!

Jaxom has a high fever and he never gets those so it’s hitting him hard too! He was a trouper this morning and did all the schoolwork I asked him to. Then I felt his forehead and checked and it’s 103.5! So he went off to bed!

This afternoon Azia will do some work and hopefully I will get some knitting done. It’s sort of a secret project.. I might post about it elswhere..

I also have a mitten tutorial to write up for my Lion Blog.

I hope everyone enjoys that vest pattern. My vest is most likely going to get frogged. I have another project I want to do with the Wool Ease and I have three more balls of it, but I might need to pull the vest out if I need more. Otherwise I will start collecting these design projects to send off to  the Dulaan Project. There they will be of some use!

I did get some knitting done over the weekend. I hit the halfway mark on the hood of the tunic sweater I am knitting on needles for the two little guys. Sorry the camera cable has gone walkabout so I can’t show you a picture of the progress or the teeny needles it is being knit on!!

Will try to pop in a pic later!

And a reminder! I have had a few patterns and links trickle in to the contest for the pattern directory.. you have to be in it to win!! Yarn and looms are up for grabs!! So send in those patterns to: Brian is also working on an automatic entry system for the website.. we did a litle brain work on it this hopefully you all will be able to enter your patterns on the website through a few clicks of the mouse! Stay tuned!



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