Bolero Vest Pattern!

I have decided to put this one out for free.. These bolero type cropped vests are all over this season! This one is based on a vintage rib warmer pattern I found.I takes 3-4 balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted or 600-800 yards of other worsted weight yarn of your choice. Made in 3 peices on a small gauge knitting board (50-60 sets of pegs) or in one peice on one of the infinity type knitting boards!(100 -120 sets of pegs)

march 0401.jpg

Click here to download the pattern!


Enjoy! And if you make one please send me feedback and a picture for the reader’s gallery!

Coming soon: Moonlight Mohair Wrap!

Off for the weekend at the church retreat!! See you all on Monday!


10 thoughts on “Bolero Vest Pattern!

  1. Thanks for making this a free pattern. I think this will be wonderful for my daughters and neices for Christmas. Must get started soon.

  2. HI Denise,
    What are the chances of getting either a cut and paste of the vest or the pdf in Adobe?

    It is wonderful and I would like to try to make it, but can’t access the pdf.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Love the look of this vest and will start one soon. I think I’ll try a med yarn #4 for a lighter weight. Will let you know when it’s done. I usually post my pics on boardknitters or in my Yahoo photo album. I’m in Co now but was born in Youngstown, Ohio. I still have parents living there and visit them often. Maybe we can meet in person some time. Thanks for your patterns! 🙂

  4. Denise, what a nice thing to do! The bolero is great! I’ll get a loom for it deb IL

  5. Thanks Denise for the pattern, I made it for my grandmother for her stay in the hospital for her mastectomy.

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  8. Denise-
    I am trying to make this vest and I do have a board that is big enough for me to make it all one piece. However, I am new at loom knitting and am a little confused with the directions. I am able to follow patterns but any extra help you can give would be great.

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