Helloooooo nurse!

Well I tried it on..

why yes we have four children.. why do you ask? 

Him: It’s done right.

Me: Uh.. no

Him: Why not it looks great!

Me: I frown and point to my midriff

Him: yeah.. looks good!

Me.. exasperated sigh..

Then again….hmmm…


nah.. it needs at least one more skein!


2 thoughts on “Helloooooo nurse!

  1. Haha.. that’s too funny.

    It looks good so far though, another skein would be good. definitely

  2. hehehehe, well, maybe B wants you to wear it around him :). But maybe if you going to go outside then another skein is recommended….but B may have other ideas in mind, hehehehehe.

    You look great for having had 4 kids….I have a whole spare tire in my midsection…the size that trucks wear, hehehehehe.

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