Killer headache at two o’clock captain!!

Well my day started out well enough. A nice Mother’s day pot of coffee and a pair of hanging baskets with flowers in them for my present. Hey .. I even got a shower! Poor Jaxom was sick.. he came downstairs and fell asleep on the couch with his brothers and sisters zooming around him. So he needed his Mommy!!.

It was all good. Then after church I got hit with a killer headache. Ouch!

Oh well. Isela sent me a nice Mother’s Day e-card.. I myself didn’t even get to talk to my Mother.. either one..hehe one of these days I have to lay out my soap opera tale of two mothers here. I tried.. I called my Mom yesterday… they are staying at my Aunt’s house in NJ, will be back here tomorrow for a week long stay.. and I tried to call my Mother today but only got the answering machine.. bad luck! I might be in double trouble!! eek.

Well off to try to sleep off the rest of this headache.. I might just take some of the good stuff to kill it outright! I’ll try to get pictures of my pretty flowers, and the finished ballet T later on!

Hope all you mothers out there had a great Mother’sDay!

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