Some pictures to go along with the story!

Well I didn’t get my pictures in there yesterday.. and for all of you who are wondering.. yes I did stop.. but it took till a minute after the light turned green for me to swallow my heart and loosen my grip on the steering wheel.. whoosh!

As soon as Isela hear I had a boySeptember 050.jpg who might need stitches she Im’ed.. don’t forget to take pictures! Here he is:

  And here is the swatch I had all ready to go..

See I did my homework!

September 053.jpg  

    And here he is today with his 50$ bandaid strip.. I still wish I had pushed a little for the  stitch.. much less fuss.. I searched through my stash last night and I don’t have any pastely green colors for the VIB that is due SOON!! hmmm… I have a whole lot of bluish yarns.. need to talk to my nephew.. apparently he knows the baby’s name… hmmmm how do I get a two year old on the phone?? hmmm Edited to add: Anyone have some worsted weight pastel green baby neutral colored yarn they want to unload on me??


Isela is going to Rhinebeck after all~~(provided she can stop buying all the shiney pretty yarn and save up a little cash!)WOOOO HOOOOO I was actually rather bummed.. I was actually thinking of NOT going! But now.. I am sending this off to her so she can get here more easily..

September 047.jpg

Hey girl I have a nice double stroller.. we can throw the two littlest ones in it and still have room in the basket for the fibery goodness!! We’ll talk!(you can’t tell I am excited can you?)

2 thoughts on “Some pictures to go along with the story!

  1. Poor little one…he doesn’t look too happy in that one picture. Sending huggss.
    I am waiting for my turn of stitches/broken arm/or my first run to the ER. I have been very lucky thus far with the Wonderboy…but he is getting more daring on his bike…iti s just a matter of time…eek!

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