Who woulda thunk?

Well.. as you will recall during my interesting day the other day I swiped the wrong credit card for the groceries.. I just looked over my account summary and voila! The credit the grocery store did to reverse it came through first.. bumping up my account balance, then the debit was taken out. So I don’t have an overdraft charge… at least so far! So whaddya know! I have my money back!! ..still not enough to get free shipping from knitpicks.. oh well..

Oh there is a bit of knitting content.. here  I started this today!

September 060.jpg


I’ll hopefully have it done tommorow it will involve that overspun superbulky yarn I spun up the other day. I am using at a design feature! 

And hey I am coming up on comment #700! woo hoo.. perhaps I will round up a little giftie for my 800th commenter! So keep those comments coming!


3 thoughts on “Who woulda thunk?

  1. I have never contemplated using a loom/weavingboard b/c actual knitting is so enjoyable… however, I think I might try it… you never know! Is it hard to follow a regula knitting pattern using one?

  2. We have to get a handle on our credit/debit cards as they will be our life soon.

    Two local stores this weekend informed me they no longer take checks……years ago we joked that we won’t be using money and more, and now checks are going to be obsolete. I’m nervous because I don’t register debit card usage as well as I should.

  3. Perhaps I am your 700th commenter?
    Just wondering how you knit without needles – I just came across your great blog for the first time.

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