Blogging my day away..

7:30 am… I know it’s 7:30 am even though I am tucked securely in my bed,and there is not a clock in the room.  Caleb is coughing like crazy.

I know it’s 7:30am because Julian comes in the room and tells me it’s sunny outside Mom! (this is the child who typically sleeps till 9-10 am.)

I know it’s 7:30am because I hear both Jaxom and Azia up chatting and laughing, I did give them the day off of school work..

So I get up, grind up the good Starbucks coffee and start the coffee maker…

9:00am Thinking that Jaxom has a pimple on his face I investigate.. upon closer inspection I see dots on his neck.. upon even closer inspection I see dots on his stomach.. Houston.. we have chicken pox!

2:30 Where has the time gone?? Well I took the three youngest over to the big annual neighborhood yard sale! Scored alot of great clothes for Azia which was the main goal, a new light fixture for the bathroom, a couple of lamps, a dance mania game, walked by a full box of yarn..(ok Azia pulled me by it) got some great picture frames to frame up the pictures of the kids, got a great deal on a whole bunch of Beyblades for Jaxom so I broke the no buying toys rule.. and a little karaoke tape player for Azia and I to use (that will be very handy when I need to practice singing for church!) I think that’s it.. it was fun. Jaxom still has spots but they really don’t look any worse than this morning so hopefully he will just have a mild case of the pox. No one else has them yet.. Later got to get a late lunch ready!

10:22 Jaxom is tucked up in bed with a good book and ordered to rest and not chase his brothers around! I am a nice Mommy and I cleaned up his legos off the floor and put them all back in his lego box so he would have something nice to play with. Have to decided whether or not to take the rest of the bunch with me to the local yard sale mania! I think I will take the risk since most of the kids are at school over there..

8:00 pm Well after doing some yard work.. mainly rebuilding the stone wall that the little guys knocked down, and cleaning out and reorganizing my stash, I am finally getting some dinner and sitting down to relace.. it looks like Julian might have some spots on him so look out! I might get som knitting done now! we’ll see!

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