Sheep to Sweater Competition.. how do they do it?

There are Sheep to Shawl /Sweater competitions at many of the Wool festivals out there. I am amazed that they actually a.) are insane enough to try this b.)actually do it! c.) get it done in 6 hours or so!!!! AMAZING!

I can just tell you.. if I was doing this. I sure would want Wannietta on my team..And as we turn our eyes northward to a vaguely possible move to the Toronto Area.. some time I might be able to watch her team do it.. For those of you who are already in the area you might want to go to this:

On Sunday, May 27, the Toronto Spiders will take up the International Wool Challenge (Back to Back Competition) for the fourth consecutive year. This competition, involving teams around the world, requires that a sheep be shorn and the fleece spun, plied, and knitted into a sweater (according to a standard pattern) in one day.
After two years at the Ontario Handspinning Seminar and a year at Toronto’s Riverdale Farm, this year the Toronto Spiders will be at the Pickering Museum in Greenwood, as part of their Opening Day. The team is made up of Wannietta Prescod (the Fastest Knitter in North America in 2005 & 2006), Barbara Aikman, Julia Lee, Judy Pergau, Denise Powell, Karen Richens, and Lorraine Smith of Spinners Quarterly. Our shearer is Bob Comfort, and Joan Kass and Judy Findlay will be our timekeepers and educators. We look forward to having lots of interest and support from passers-by. Like all Back to Back Challenges, we will be raising money for cancer research.
We will be attempting to beat our Canadian record time of 6 hours, 51 minutes, and 15 seconds, so hope to finish some time between 4 and 5 p.m.
If you are in the neighbourhood, please do drop by and wave, say “Hey y’all”, but don’t expect us to stop what we’re doing to chat with you until the sweater is done!

Please if you go! Tell her I said hello (don’t expect her to answer..) and cheer the Spiders on for me! (great name for the team BTW)

4 thoughts on “Sheep to Sweater Competition.. how do they do it?

  1. A possible move to Toronto? Land of fat-back and Stephanie Peal McPhee? Oh, I can see you’ll need some arm twisting for that–LOL! And they way she goes on about her city and LYS’s, yeah, I can see you firmly nested there. Sure, it’s no Ohio, but what is? Isn’t everyone from Ohio?

  2. Hi.. I wanted to go to the International Back to Back in Windsor ME this weekend (Saturday) but can’t seem to find information. Does anyone have anything on this? Thanks,

  3. Both the PA Farm Show and then the MD Sheep & Wool Festival have Sheep to Shawl events. Have watched the Farm Show one online and would love to attend one of these events live. It’s amazing and crazy!!

    Really excited about attending a special workshop on Spinning in the Old Way at the Manning’s Weaving School. May finally be able to do decent talks at my history demos (even tho I don’t spin yet). Who knows may figure out my Walking Wheel yet!!

    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Every year in Windsor, Maine: the Fiber Frolic–inexpensive, lots of fun, sheep dog demonstrations: . Also, don’t miss Slow TV: the National Knitting Night (sheep to sweater late night competition from Norway) on Netflix video streaming (I’m watching it now), possibly on YouTube too.

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